All things Operations/In-house taste tester

In a classic corporate-world-NYC-escape to the beautiful far west in search of peace, love, and a good cup of coffee, Farah found herself in Portland, OR in July of 2015. Through a series of random and fortunate events, well-thought-out and not-so-thought-out decisions, and a slew of tangential Google searches, she found herself interviewing for a spot for the barista training program at Belltower Coffeehouse in the SE neighborhood of Portland. 

Farah spends her days acclimating to the low intensity atmosphere of Portland, perfecting her espresso pulls, passing blobs of foam off as latte art (work in progress, people), and working on bringing a more authentic and crafted cup of chai to the people of Portland, OR.  She's interested in places and spaces that bring people together unexpectedly to create conversation and bridge gaps and build even more wonderful ideas and brands. 

She is the girl formerly known as the Shorterista.




The "Design Guy"/Cook

Sometimes you end up with a degree in architecture from a fancy school in New England, realize that a life in an office would essentially be slow daily torture and move to Bend, OR to climb rocks, ski, and kayak. Sometimes, you look around and realize that you can talk about your “project boulder” or Ninkasi’s new seasonal brew for only so long. Sometimes you move to Seattle, start a clothing company, raise a bunch of money on Kickstarter, run out of money, move to Portland (where you were trying to go since the beginning) and get the first job you actually love. Sometimes that job leads to a big project that feels really really right. Sometimes that project is called One Stripe Chai Co.

Pretty cookie cutter story I guess.


Brendon is a musician and songwriter originally from the great state of Wyoming. When he's not writing or recording music, he's probably driving a tour bus or helping out with the best chai tea company in the states - all while thinking about writing and recording music.





and we're your teachers :)