Chai meets Stroopwafel?

A few months ago we worked on a collaboration stroopwafel with a Dutch-owned small business in Austin, TX called Stroopclub. For those who aren’t familiar with the stroopwafel (pronounced like strope-vafel), it’s a Dutch cookie that features a layer of caramel syrup pressed between two thin waffle cookies. My first, and honestly only interaction with these cookies was on United Airline flights as an in-flight snack they offer. I love ordering coffee on flights so the stroopwafel was a perfect companion. The most popular way to eat a stroop is by laying it over your cup of hot coffee, which allows the caramel to melt. The result is ooey-gooey picture perfect melted caramel when you break the cookie down the middle!

Stroopclub was founded by Chantal Piet and Tako Vermeulen, both winners of an immigration visa lottery. Their Dutch friends in America had mentioned the lack of delicious, high quality stroopwafels in the US, so they knew they were probably going to start a stroopwafel company!


I was ecstatic to be introduced to Chantal last year as Stroopclub's values around offering a better-tasting, tradition-inspired stroopwafel reminded me very much of One Stripe’s values around chai. We thought it would be fun to see if we could combine the two products and the result is a DELICIOUS chai-spiced stroopwafel that will bring extra warmth to your morning routine.

You can find the stroopwafels here! Try them alone or dipped in coffee. The best way to have them is to actually let them sit on your coffee mug for a while so the caramel inside can melt a bit :)

We truly hope you love this collaboration and enjoyed learning a little bit about another small business bringing a better option for a food they love and hold near and dear to their hearts!