Organic Chai is here! Pt. 1


We are so happy to officially share that as of June One Stripe Chai is directly sourcing all of our tea from a small farm in Assam, India. In January, we had the pleasure of visiting 5 farms in Assam. Of the 5, we chose a small family-owned garden that has been working to convert their entire garden to organic and biodynamic crop. We chose to work with a small farm because we felt that there would be more transparency around quality of the tea and social impact of the garden, which we would also love to share with our customers! In a world where we can instantly find out the source of many of our foods, we would love to make tea origin in chai also accessible. Here are just a few parts of our trip we are excited to share!

The Hospitality

While traveling around Assam, there was one thing we loved and appreciated so much- the incredible hospitality! Every single garden we went to welcomed us with open arms. We were constantly offered delicious home cooked meals and all the tea our hearts could desire. Great conversation over great food and tea is something we will always remember about Assam. ❤️

The Ecosystem

The most interesting thing we learned is how sustainable farming can change the entire ecosystem of a community for the better and the amount of work that goes into it. Most of the gardens we visited create and use their own natural compost, whether it’s using worms (vermicompost), fresh hand kneaded cow dung that's mixed with egg shells and rock dust that’s flattened into pits and fermented (sounds gross but is so clean and literally does not smell like anything!), or even Cow Horn Clay (a very interesting Biodynamic practice that involves burying cow horns filled with clay and then grinding, mixing with water and spraying on crop).

Whatever the method, everything we found involved using the earth to better feed and nourish the earth. 🌍The earth was happy, the people were happy, and the animals were happy!