Summertime Chai

It's true, the blazing summer is upon us and we're looking for unique ways to cool off. We've been doing some tinkering of our own and here are two ways to cool off this summer with One Stripe Chai!


Sparkling Chai Soda

2 ounces One Stripe Chai Spicy Chai Concentrate
4 ounces Polar Toasted Coconut Seltzer Water

Stir, don't shake and serve over ice!


Chai & Ginger

2 ounces One Stripe Chai Spicy Chai Concentrate
1 oz Sweet Ginger Crater Lake Vodka
Juice of 1/4 of an orange (squeezed)

Mix concentrate, vodka, and orange juice in cocktail shaker and shake it like you mean it.

Pour over ice

Top off with tonic water

Add cinnamon stick and garnish with orange wedge

Recipe submitted by Stephen E.

How you chai'in?

As always, if you find a fun and delicious new recipe for One Stripe Chai, please share them with us! We love seeing what how you drink your One Stripe Chai!